About Us

Our History

Peter Manglani, the founder of EZ Group has a deep-rooted history in the video game industry dating back to the 1980’s and its inception as we know it today. Having migrated from India to Japan in 1971; Peter spent the early part of his career crafting the trade and establishing relationships with companies such as Nintendo of Japan and Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia. Peter's life path and career eventually led him to the United States in 1999. Utilizing his experience and wide network of contacts; EZ Games was founded in Los Angeles, California - the entertainment epicentre of the world.


By 2012, Peter’s sons Girish and Mohit were actively involved in the family business. Whilst attempting to forge their own path within the company; the brothers were quick to identify an industry shift towards ‘downloadable digital content’. EZ Cards was officially launched in 2014 and ScratchMonkeys in 2015 as an extension of EZ Games. As of today, we are a market leader in North America for closed-loop prepaid access digital and physical Video Game/Entertainment products.

Our Future

As the industry continues to grow, so does our company. Our success can be attributed to our strong business values. At the heart of this is our vow to stay true to our customers and partners by providing competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, full transparency, and a wide variety of products. Our passion and drive motivates us to do better and be better; which is why in 2020 we launched EZ Tech. Our aim is to invest in technology and use this to expand our digital and physical distribution presence globally; whilst maintaining our commitment to corporate compliance and a fraud-free ecosystem. We invite you to partner with us as we spearhead our push towards the future.